We recommend an iPad for the best user experience of our MLI-Book Library Medicine.
Just click on the covers of the iTunes U courses below to subscribe to a course. In Materials in the iTunes U course, you will find the MLI-Books and you can download them from there to your iPad. (Instruction video here).
Even better … in an iTunes U course, you will find not only the MLI-Books, but also additional content like video’s, app recommendations and other useful internet resources. It will work on iPhones too, but reading an MLI-Book on a smaller screen is different.

Working on a Macbook or iMac, you don’t have the opportunity to get iTunes U courses. Instead of that, you will be able to download the MLI-Books – book by book – from the iBookStore by clicking on the MLI-Book covers below. You will find the iBooks back in your Download folder and you can collect them in your iBook application on your Mac. By creating new collections in iBooks you have the option to sort them for a better overview.

At the moment we have no options to offer MLI-Books for Windows or Android. We are working on it and would love to hear that Windows and Android do the same.

iTunes U cursussen (iPad & iPhone)



iBooks (Macbook en iMac)

Internal Medicine






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Obstetrics & Gynaecology





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General Medicine

Otorhinolaryngology, Head & Necksurgery